Training for members

All training is done with your own equipment and all members are welcome to both scheduled trainings:

  • Mondays 17:30-19:00 (youth training)
  • Thursdays 17:30-19:00

Our internal Tuesday competitions, where all members are welcome, is also a good opportunity to practice the competition format

Good to know

  • All members are welcome to both the trainings, but help will primarily go to youths on Mondays.
  • Members are encouraged to train at other times provided the club’s rules are followed and no other activities are scheduled (see the calendar)
  • Members that does not have a key tag can during the indoors season phone the shooting range and check if there are people on site to keep the indoors range open.
  • Members can apply for a key tag after 6 months of active membership. Active membership means that you participate in club meetings, work days etc
  • Members under 18 years of age must haver an adult present

Instruction videos on YouTube

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