About the club

BK Gripen was founded in 1952 as a branch off from Kockums “Korp” team, since korp shooters where not allowed to compete nationally or internationally. The club has been located at the Limhamn field since 1956 when the first club house was built, which later was replaced with a new house in 2008. The old indoors shooting range was demolished and a new one was built 2015.

The club has accumulated a large number of merits, including hundreds of national championships and national records. Many members have competed with the national team and won medals in European and world championships. Two archers from the club have participated in the Olympics. We have arranged several large competitions over the years, such as SM 2002, European Masters Games 2008, SM 2009 and youth SM 2010.

Organisation info

  • Founded: 1952-08-12
  • Association number: 7864-10
  • Post adress: Vaktgatan 1, 21644 Limhamn
  • Visitor adress: Vaktgatan 1, 21644 Limhamn
  • E-Mail: sekreterare@bkgripen.org
  • Web page: www.bkgripen.org
  • Bankgiro: 5663-9081
  • Plusgiro: 430262-6
  • Organisation number: 846005-1199

Elected officials 2023 – The board

  • President: Liselotte Andersson
  • Vice President: Peter Strinnö
  • Cashier (adjunct member): Ulf Holmberg
  • Secretary: Estelle Larsson
  • Youth trainer: Sara Strandqvist
  • Members: Mats Friberg, Maria Andersson, Anders Björk
  • Substitutes: Acke Sandved, Maria Silwer, Bo Dahlström
  • Youth representative: Kazem Jawad

Elected officials 2023 – other

  • Auditor: Hans Lindvall
  • Deputy auditor: Mats Norin
  • Nomination committee (convening): Mikael Ekholm
  • Nomination committee: Lennart Andersson
  • Materials manager: Christian Velasquez, Thomas Möller
  • IT Manager: Mats Norin

The indoors range

On the 15th of February 2015 we inaugurated the new indoors shooting range. The project was financed by Arvsfonden, Skåneidrotten and club funds. Here we can accommodate many more archers, as you can see in the pictures below. The house also includes a storage area for all outdoors material.

Club clothes

Vid tävling är det krav på att skjuta i klubbtröja. Om du inte hunnit skaffa klubbtröja innan du ska tävla så kontakta sekreterare@bkgripen.org. In many competitions archers are required to wear the club colors. If you are going to compete and does not have a club t-shirt contact sekreterare@bkgripen.org for assistance.

We also sell other fine garments such as cap, hoodie, west and windbreaker. Everything is available for testing in the club house.

Ordering is done with a form available in the shooting range and only members are allowed to buy club clothes.

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